One Health Translations is synonymous with quality, professionalism and customer care, as clients and professionals from a variety of backgrounds and industries can attest. Below you will find some examples of the projects carried out in the last years.


Veterinary translations

Guía de la ISFM “Estrés y salud del gato”

“Efecto de la suplementación del agua de bebida con pidolato de calcio sobre el rendimiento productivo de ponedoras viejas”

Página web de Zinpro

Environmental translations

Copywriting and editing

Editorial assistant of the journal “Clínica Veterinaria de Pequeños Animales” and administrator of the online platform to submit manuscripts

Copywriter of the Veterinary Blog of Affinity. Sarna demodécica en perro y gato: diagnóstico y tratamiento.

Queratoconjuntivitis seca en perros: diagnóstico y tratamiento.