Other services

Content writing

Preparation of press releases and abstracts of talks, training material for sales representatives, disease fact sheets, and reports (English and Spanish).


Customised training courses for both translation agencies and translators looking to specialise in veterinary translation.

Project management

Project manager with more than ten years of experience: a meticulous approach towards both the original text (detection of possible ambiguities, identification of the applicable official references) and the translation (consistency across languages, specialised content and terminology, tailoring to the target audience), including direct contact with translators and clients.


Collaboration with experienced layout artists to ensure you get your translation back in the final format you need (brochures, manuals, presentations).

Subtitling and dubbing

Collaboration with experienced multimedia professionals to ensure you get your translation back in the final format you need (training material, apps, webinars, corporate videos).


Collaboration with professional interpreters with broad experience in both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting.

Other languages

If you need to translate your material into other languages, do not hesitate to contact One Health Translations. We collaborate with the only specialised agency in the sector.