One Health Translations

The FAO, WHO and OIE have recently revived the concept of ‘One World, One Health’.

Under this concept, healthcare for humans, animals and the environment requires a joint, multidisciplinary approach that includes the close collaboration of scientists and communication professionals from a variety of fields.

Translation, which is essential for the dissemination of knowledge, is no exception.

One Health Translations was created to meet this need. Combining experience and training in all three dimensions of the human-animal-environment interface, it offers a unique, multidisciplinary approach to your Spanish translations that results in greater specialisation and quality.

Animal - One Health TranslationsPet - One Health Translations
Veterinary and animal
health translation
Marketing materials and technical documents for pharmaceutical companies, diagnostics companies, nutrition companies and the agribusiness sector (companion and production animals: vets, farmers, owners and nurses).

Pharma - One Health TranslationsMedical - One Health Translations
Medical and pharmaceutical translation
Marketing materials and technical documents for regulatory affairs departments (physicians and healthcare professionals, the scientific community, patients and the general public).

Environmental - One Health TranslationsEnvironmental - One Health Translations
Environmental translation
Marketing materials and technical documentation in the areas of marine biology, fishery resources and waste management (scientific community, experts and the general public).